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Welcome to Capo

Mediterranean Restaurant, Café and Bar!

Welcome to our boutique Mediterranean restaurant!

We have the pleasure of presenting our motto, which is: What matters most is what we eat, then how we are dressed, where we live and what car we drive.

We can guarantee that we have minimized work with semi-finished products and we try to make everything in our restaurant without preservatives and improvers. Fresh fish, shrimp, squid, octopus and mussels are delivered every week from the fish market near Thessaloniki. Our beef and lamb meat is provided by the monks of the Kremikovski Monastery, including red and white wine, with which we cook.
The honey and the fresh milk that our chefs work with are delivered from the region of the town of Breznik. From the milk we prepare our own yoghurt, curds and desserts. The eggs as well as some of the seasonal vegetables and fruits are delivered fresh from Voluyak. The lamb, as well as the homemade cheese, is supplied from Ribaritsa, while the pork is from the area of Lesidren from home-grown pigs.
For us, it is of utmost importance to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Moreover, from the ones not used during the day, a variety of different kinds of jams, jams, marmalades, pesto, lutenitsa and all the preparations with which the kitchen works are prepared.
In addition, we have a dryer for fruits and vegetables, we grow our own edible flowers and a food arrangement. One of our biggest benefits is that we have an oven for smoked meat, cheese and fish.
We prepare our pasta in an old Italian recipe. We do not want to exaggerate, we have the best and biggest JOSPER -50 grill-oven, where we bake not only the meat, fish, but also the bread that is served.
Last but not least, we have our own confectionery where we produce all our desserts, ice creams and sorbet. Maybe because of everything we mentioned or because of the good reviews of our customers, the restaurant is a favorite place for lunch and dinner of presidents, prime ministers, ministers, diplomats, businessmen, Hollywood artists and other world-famous artists as well as all of you, who value high quality products.
After introducing you to our philosophy, we invite you to try and enjoy the superb combination of everything listed. cooked with lots of love and served with great respect to each of our clients in the pleasant atmosphere of the Mediterranean restaurant "САРО".


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